Roughly six months ago, Geoff Gosling and his product development team at DIRTT started a project so top secret that even DIRTT’s co-founder Chief Executive Officer Mogens Smed was told nothing about it.  The project was to come up with a concept of a foldable wall, but not any foldable wall would do.  The team needed to develop a product that could be retrofitted into any existing DIRTT environment to protect its customer’s existing investments but would still allow for a space to be altered in mere minutes.  The result of Gosling and his production teams hard work has taken shape as Leaf, a collapsible structure that is extending the nature of what DIRTT is already doing and provides and adaptability so vast that the only limits lie within the designer’s creativity.

The concept of a foldable is not a new idea, but DIRTT sought out to reinvent the standard accordion wall and create something that would work in harmony with the company’s overall perspective and support their notions of sustainability and reconfigurability.  The creation of Leaf is to be able to provide simple solutions.  With the use of the software ICE, designers are able to see their creations come to life and then have their creations installed seamlessly into any DIRTT space.  Leaf is essentially a mechanism that can be used on new builds to create collapsible walls in addition to working perfectly with existing DIRTT walls clients already have installed to create larger or smaller spaces based upon the client’s immediate needs.

Gosling brought Leaf to life in a vacant corner of DIRTT’s factory in Calgary.  Once Leaf was ready to be viewed Gosling knew it was time to bring in CEO Mogens Smed.  Smed stated that he immediately could see the potential in this product.  Its sharp adaptability could be used not only for commercial spaces but also for education, health care and even residential spaces.  Upon Leaf’s introduction, it was apparent that the design world had been seeking a product such as this because within the first five days of the unveiling, roughly 100 new opportunities had arrived for DIRTT.  Leaf is currently in its prototype phase but already the request for varying applications are pouring in.  Gosling states “The thing about it is that it is directly connected to our appetites of doing strange things.” And “That’s why the design community is so connected to us: We want to challenge them and our clients.  Leaf is not meant to be a finished thing, ever.  As people come to us with weird and wonderful configurations, we know there is more strangeness to come.”

Learn more about this innovation here: https://www.dirtt.net/leafwall

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