When DIRTT set out to reinvent the construction industry with a modular construction system that provided clients with the style and precision of custom built work, the reality was modular construction had always been fraught with inconstancies. A plan that seemed simple and straight forward in the planning stages would often unravel on site. Combining lean manufacturing with cutting edge technology allowed DIRTT to produce more advanced architectural interiors with ease and efficiency. The real breakthrough however, came with the development of a software program called ICE.

ICE creates interactive environments that allow clients to assess, in real time, virtually every aspect of an architectural interior project. The creator of ICE, Berrie Loberg gives credit for his inspiration to create this program to the video game Doom. After spending three days linking 50 computers to create a 30 second marketing video Loberg walked by some colleagues and witnessed them playing the video game. It was then that he realized there was already a more advanced technology available and that it was evolving every day. He came to the realization that he was wasting his time by not utilizing this technology. The next two years he spent creating a program unlike anything that had ever been done before in the construction industry.

Initially the use for ICE was to win over people who were familiar with the modular construction of the past. Clients were hesitant to use what they thought would be an off the shelf, one size fits all, cookie cutter solution but in the midst of a technological revolution spaces required updates and advancement to stay ahead. Traditional construction leaves lots of room for inefficiencies and higher cost. DIRTT however is able to provide a creative and unconventional solution to architects and designers. DIRTT offers a new approach to modular construction and the ICE program provides the ability to sit down with clients and have what is called a video flythrough of the space and see what is essentially a shop drawing of a space in the early phases of design. The benefit of this software is that it is completely interactive. A client can sit with a sales rep and make any adjustments to the space. Color, configuration, finishes and sizes can all instantly be changed and the program will provide answers to any questions of cost adjustments or new materials that would be involved and if they are compatible. ICE automatically updates every aspect and the information goes to directly to the DIRTT factory where your changes are precisely manufactured without human interpretation. The design flexibility of DIRTT means that if a company decides to move, the modular walls can be removed and reinstalled in a new space and the client can use ICE to make all the necessary adjustments ahead of time to virtually eliminate wasting time and money.

Essentially it is a videogame for design with the brains for business. Being able to have all parties on the same page and understand the big picture provides immeasurable value to any project. The use of ICE has disrupted an industry that has remained the same for a long time by using technology to grow and advance. As both the DIRTT rep and exclusive DIRTT distribution partner in Louisiana, we believe that while our components are best in class, it is the way you use them that makes them special. Anywhere client-driven solutions are vital to success, ICE offers an exhilarating experience with clarity and speed.

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