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At AOS, we aim to improve people’s lives not only through the built environment but by celebrating and supporting our region’s vibrant arts, music and culture. With shared spaces comes shared ideas, and it’s reflected in our open and collaborative community. At AOS, you’re part of the family. There’s a lot of hard work and love for what we do, and to us, that’s fun!

  • AOS Client Update

    AOS remains fully operational amid COVID-19 and ready to support your projects, needs and the health and well-being of our community. We will continue to take care of one another because after all, we’re all in this together.

  • Industry Discussions

    Missed our latest virtual panel? Watch the recording to learn about a creative industry in flux—and see where the future may lie for music, arts and entertainment post-pandemic.

  • 2020 Excellence in Construction & Real Estate Class

    We're thrilled to share that Aimee McSpaddin, MIC Project Manager/ Designer, has been selected to this year's CityBusniess Excellence in Construction & Real Estate Class!

  • Defining Space

    As employees return to the office, a retrofitted and redesigned workplace will play a pivotal role in providing safe, productive environments. Check out these various solutions that can help companies adapt their spaces and create resilient environments for now, near, and next.

  • The Thriving Holistic Workplace

    In our new 'Learning with Laurie' episode, we discuss arriving and thriving in the new workplace, and she gives us a sneak peek of Knoll's latest research and a new virtual space that outlines holistic characteristics.

  • Fresh Thinking for Your Home Office

    Designing a plan–and a space–for remote work is more important than ever. From your comfort and productivity to overall well-being–we’re here to help you thrive while working remotely.

  • Proud to Call It Home

    YLC unveiled its limited edition 2020 “New Orleans: Proud to Call it Home” flags, which are available for pre-order! They recently brought back the campaign as a way to reflect on how far we have come as a community and to inspire us all to keep working to improve our home—together.

  • YLC Design Series

    Watch the “The Young Professional @Home Design Series,” presented by YLC + AOS. Featuring New Orleans-based design professionals, these virtual classes discuss entrepreneurship, creative leadership, and simple tricks for increasing your well-being at home.

  • Virtual YLC WATS Concert

    Missing live music? Check out YLC Wednesday at the Square's digital concert, which harnesses the power of music to unite our community behind a common cause–multiplying our impact by giving together.

  • NeoConnect

    NeoCon has always been one of our industry’s most exciting shows, and while we can't travel to theMART this year, we can still celebrate the best in interior design. From June through Fall 2020, tune into this series of online programming that is connecting the design community virtually.

  • Knoll Design Days

    Missed Knoll Design Days or itching for more? Watch the Replays on and learn how the most successful workplaces adapt to change through good design.

  • DIRTT Build Better Webinar Series

    Stay connected and build upon your knowledge with the industry experts at DIRTT. Discuss topics, such as client experiences, workplace culture and design tips.

  • Back to Work Insights

    Creating safe and agile environments for our community has quickly transitioned from trend to survival. We've pulled together these insights to help other companies through this challenging time and encourage strategic preparation in the face of these anomalous organizational shifts.

  • Considerations for Returning to a Healthy Workplace

    Check out these tips from Knoll to ease your employees back to the workplace Post-COVID-19 and give them confidence in their work environment.

  • Top 10 Workplace Themes Post-COVID-19

    These days we’re making decisions about how to safely re-integrate people into places and prioritizing operational needs with expectations. Learn how you can design and provide the best spaces post COVID-19.

  • Tips for Remote Success

    Virtual work requires planning to bring the rigor of a structured office into an offsite setting. Use these tips from Knoll to improve your daily grind.

  • Tips for a Healthy Work Experience

    No matter where you are, ergonomics remain an important part of wellness and well-being. Small tweaks to furnishings or work habits can make you more comfortable and energized throughout a long work day.

  • Tips for Managing a Remote Team

    With today's technology-enabled mobility, remote teams have become more common, but navigating your role as a leader can feel a bit daunting. Help your employees thrive with these simple strategies from Knoll.

  • WWII Electronic Field Trips

    Join the National WWII Museum for worldwide explorations streamed right into your home.

  • HNOC Presents History from Home

    Check out HNOC's online portal for curious explorers and dedicated students of the past.

  • Tour NOMA's Virtual Exhibits

    The New Orleans Museum of Art may be closed, but we remain open to new experiences. Digitally walk their halls and explore their virtual galleries from the comfort of your home.

  • NOCHI Cooking in Quarantine

    Sharpen your knives and cooking skills with NOCHI's series for home chefs. Online classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 pm and benefit the non-profit.

  • KID smART Art Apart

    During school closures, KID smART teachers are meeting the needs of students with their Art Apart series, which includes hands-on activities, read-alouds, movement exercises and more.

  • LCM In Dialogue

    While the Louisiana Children's Museum's blue doors are closed, they are providing many resources for parents and kids during COVID-19. Learn parenting strategies.

  • Hygge at Home

    With most of us working from home these days, the lines between our private sphere and work are more blurred than ever. What small rituals can you incorporate into your workday that can bring hygge? Relaxing music perhaps?

  • YOGA

    AOS Yoga is taking a break, but it's important that we keep active! Check out these wellness resources as we continue to move forward—together.

  • YLC Wednesday at the Square Playlist

    Missing YLC Wednesday at the Square this year? Rock out to our AOS curated playlist from the 2020 lineup.

  • Good Design Is Good Business Award 2019

    We're excited to share that EskewDumezRipple and VergesRome Architects have received the 2019 Architectural Record 'Good Design Is Good Business Award' for AOS' Showroom!

  • AOS Named 2019 DIRTT Model Partner of the Year

    Congratulations to our Manufactured Interior Construction team and installers on their exceptional work in helping clients take their spaces to the next level!

  • CityBusiness 2019 Best Places to Work

    We're thrilled to announce that AOS has been selected for Best Places to Work for the 5th year in a row! As one of only 50 companies selected, we are honored to receive this award in the large company category.