AOS Interior Environments | Culture
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At AOS, we aim to improve people’s lives not only through the built environment but by celebrating and supporting our region’s vibrant arts, music and culture. With shared spaces comes shared ideas, and it’s reflected in our open and collaborative community. At AOS, you’re part of the family. There’s a lot of hard work and love for what we do, and to us, that’s fun!

  • 10.17 | CSI + AIA Symposium

    Hosted at AOS, this symposium examines front-end specifications (Div. 0 + 1) from public bid law, to requirements for DBE participation, and general legal implications of your specifications and documents.

  • 10.18 | Driving Design with LAF + Knoll

    Join Knoll and LAF at the highly anticipated Garage by Wisznia for an evening of classic design and innovative development. We'll be serving up mid-century curves, crisp martinis and delectable bites.

  • 10.19 | Hello Knoll @Highland

    Say hello to the latest introductions from Knoll and tour General Informatics, the recent development bringing the next generation a digital experience and lifestyle to Baton Rouge.

  • 11.15 | Best of Houston Reps

    Save the date for our 10th Annual Best of Houston Reps showcase, featuring over 15 lines of furniture and textiles!

  • YOGA

    Enjoy free yoga every Tuesday at the AOS New Orleans Showroom!

  • YLC Wednesday at the Square

    Rock out to our playlist of local musicians during the 2018 YLC Wednesday at the Square concert series.